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During these uncertain times, I thought I would provide my clients, friends and family with vital information you may need to hear. Below is an article I found from the Keeping Current Matters Blog on what experts are saying about the future economic impact from COVID - 19. I HIGHLY recommend you read through this!  Wishing you & your family is healthy and a Happy Easter, Michele Engleman, Seniors Real Estate Specialist "As our lives, our businesses, and the world we live in change day by day, we’re all left wondering how long this will last. How long will we feel the effects of the coronavirus? How deep will the impact go? The human toll may forever change families, but the economic impact will rebound with a cycle of downturn followed by economic expansion like we’ve seen play out in the U.S. economy many times over. Here’s a look at what leading experts and current research indicate about the economic impact we’ll likely see as a result of the coronavirus. It starts w